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Specialists evaluating slide risks in southwest Washington
Geotechnical specialists are evaluating a potential landslide in southwest Washington after residents noticed land movement and officials evacuated the area

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Man thankful after Steamboat rallies to save his family barn
Glenn Arnold thought the old barn in Steamboat Springs where he took care of cows as a child and sought shelter from thunderstorms would just fall down someday and fuel a big bonfire
Passing motorist rescues woman trapped in Montana flood
A witness is recounting the dramatic rescue of a woman trapped on top her vehicle surrounded by rushing floodwaters in northern Montana
Wildfire scorches hundreds of acres in eastern California
A wildfire has scorched hundreds of acres in the Owens Valley below the eastern flank of the Sierra Nevada and disrupted traffic on U.S. 395
Snowmelt floods roads, fields in much of northern Montana
Blaine, Hill counties have issued their own disaster declarations with multiple roads washed out and farmland covered by water.
Snowmelt floods roads, fields along Montana Hi-Line
Snowmelt is washing out roads, flooding fields and spilling rivers and streams over their banks along Montana's Hi-Line.
New plan shrinks salvage logging on land charred by wildfire
Most of the forestland will either be left alone or tapped for removal of hazardous trees near roads, trails and recreation areas.
Republicans criticize spill of dam water to help salmon
Critics also blame the giant dams for killing wild salmon, an iconic species in the Northwest.
Wyoming counts at least 347 wolves in the state
Wolves killed 191 livestock outside Yellowstone and the reservation in 2017. That’s down from 243 in 2016.
Officials OK cut in sport chinook harvest off Washington
A rise in ocean temperatures off the Northwest coast in 2015 and 2016 knocked back the chinook’s prime food supplies and reduced their survival rates.
Southwest California to see strong winds
The Grapevine section of I-5 could see rain and snow showers along with strong gusts.