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Tests confirm mystery animal shot in Montana was a wolf
Officials say the wolf was a 2- or 3-year-old female with unique physical features.

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Send in the goats: Portugal goes low-tech to beat wildfires
Deploying goats as a way to prevent wildfires has been done for decades in the United States, especially in California and the Pacific Northwest.
Trump’s move to redefine water rule threatens wetlands banks
Trump’s order directs the EPA and Corps to consider adopting the late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia’s 2006 definition, which could hit mitigation banking hard.
Judge temporarily halts certain bear hunts on timberland
The state had argued that issuing the injunction would lead to significant property damage.
Inspectors find Quagga mussels on 3 boats in northern Utah
The Division of Wildlife Resource says it discovered three boats in northern Utah that were infested with quagga mussels
Colorado wildfire forces nearly 2K evacuations amid drought
The National Interagency Fire Center reported there were 1,746 people responding to fight six active wildfires in the region.
Montana fire season forecast to be big, despite snowy winter
Montana is still recovering from last year’s fire season, when 1,500 square miles burned.
New Yellowstone boss named following predecessor’s ouster
Cameron “Cam” Sholly will replace Dan Wenk, who has been superintendent since 2011.
Agency considers dropping wolf protections
Since securing protection in the 1970s, they have bounced back in parts of the country.
Study: 2014 Napa quake may be linked to groundwater changes
New research suggests the magnitude 6.0 earthquake that rocked California wine country in August 2014 may have been caused by an expansion of Earth's crust due to seasonally receding groundwater under the Napa and Sonoma valleys
Grizzly bear dies after eating pesticides in garage
A grizzly bear has died after eating pesticides in an open garage northeast of Great Falls