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Purpose of forest management changes
The emphasis of forest management began to shift. Trails were for recreation, clear cuts were ugly, fire could be beautiful if you would just wait a hundred years, companies were believed to be making money off our trees, lawsuits were filed, roads...

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Wolves needlessly kill bull
Writer asks: How did we let these monsters get turned loose on us?
Congress must retain renewable fuel standard
America is the world’s top producer and exporter of biofuels.
The language wolves understand best
They kill for a living, and that is the language they understand best.
Wolf problem recalls past coyote battles
The sheep ranchers started documenting the kills — date and location — and putting the carcasses in cold storage. From the Western states to Washington D.C. the carcasses were shipped and then unloaded at the White House.
N. Cascades elk plan doesn’t follow state law
We are liable to keep our beef cattle off the highway and neighbors’ properties. Shouldn’t DFW be held to same standard?