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National wool and sheep review
Domestic wool trading on a greasy basis was very active this week. There were 363,926 pounds of confirmed trades reported.

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National feeder and stocker cattle report
The market is in need of some bullish news to sustain the current trading levels.
Western hay price report
Retail/Stable type hay remains the largest demanded hay in Oregon.
Selected Western Livestock auctions
Stocker and feeder cattle 2.00-6.00 higher as local feed yards pursue numbers.
National feeder and stocker cattle report
Boxed beef prices moved sharply higher on the week, however cattle futures traded in the red for the majority of the week.
Asia-Pacific forum sticks to free-trade gospel despite Trump
Trade ministers from 11 Pacific Rim countries announced an agreement on pushing ahead with the Trans-Pacific Partnership.
Selected Western livestock auctions
The sale at the Turlock Livestock Auction Yard visited new highs for 2017.
National wool and sheep review
Feeder lambs were under 80 lbs steady to 3.00 higher, heavier weights steady to 2.00 lower.
West Coast grain price report
Bids for US 1 Soft White Wheat delivered to Portland in unit trains or barges during November for ordinary protein trended steady to 5.00 cents per bushel higher compared to week ago prices.
California shell egg price report
Asking prices for next week are 12 cents higher for Jumbo, 23 cents higher for Extra Large, 25 cents higher for Large and 8 cents higher for Medium and Small.
Fluid milk and cream review — West
Milk production in the mountain states of Idaho, Colorado and Utah is steady.