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Livestock prices from around the region.

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California shell egg price report
Asking prices for next week are unchanged for Jumbo, 10 cents higher for Extra Large, 9 cents higher for Large and 11 cents higher for Medium and Small.
Fluid Milk and Cream - Western U.S.
Pacific Northwest milk production has passed the peak but remains strong.
National feeder and stocker cattle report
Missouri is the epicenter of drought in the Midwest as parts of the state have had very hot and dry weather in recent weeks and months, and some parts have been dry for the last year or longer.
Western hay price report
Retail/Stable type hay remains the most demanded hay in Oregon.
Kudlow: China is sending team to Washington to talk trade
The world’s two biggest economies are battling over China’s aggressive campaign to challenge American technological dominance.
GOP’s McCarthy slams California Democrats, faces heckling
McCarthy defended the federal tax overhaul and the escalating tariff feud with China, which is expected to hit American farmers hard.
Small grains harvest in the final stages in South Dakota
South Dakota's small grains harvest is in the final stages
National wool and sheep review
Sheep and lamb slaughter under federal inspection for the week to date totaled 38,000 compared with 36,000 last week and 36,000 last year.
West Coast grain price report
Bids for US 1 Soft White Wheat delivered to Portland in unit trains or barges during August for ordinary protein trended 20 to 32 cents per bushel higher compared to week ago prices for the same delivery period from 6.12-6.28.
California shell egg price report
Retail demand is light to moderate with many reporting slumping sales due to excessive heat in Southern California.