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Fluid Milk and Cream — Western U.S.
Milk production is generally well-balanced with processing needs in the Pacific Northwest.
National feeder and stocker cattle report
Calving has been challenging for a wide area of producers this spring with temperature fluctuations and excessive moisture being reported.
Western hay price report
Trade very active in he Columbia Basin on new crop contracts, slow on domestic feeder hay due to low supplies.
US sorghum growers fear China tariffs could cost them dearly
Last year, Chinese buyers purchased more than 90 percent of the 245 million bushels of sorghum America exported.
Japan fiscal year trade surplus with US up nearly 6 percent
Trump said after meeting with Abe that the two leaders did not agree on a major pan-Pacific trade pact.
China rules US sorghum was dumped as trade tensions mount
China has ordered importers of U.S. sorghum to pay deposits for possible higher tariffs in an anti-dumping investigation, adding to growing trade conflict with Washington
US retail sales rebounded a solid 0.6 pct. in March
Sales rose at grocery stores, restaurants and bars, and drug stores.
West Coast grain price report
Bids for US 1 Soft White Wheat delivered to Portland in unit trains or barges during April for ordinary protein trended 9 to 42.00 cents per bushel higher compared to week ago prices for the same delivery period from 5.82-5.91.
Fluid Milk and Cream — Western U.S.
In the mountain states of Idaho, Utah and Colorado, industry contacts say milk production is coming on strong.
National feeder and stocker cattle report
The CME Cattle complex has been a driving force in the roller coaster ride of the last couple of weeks.