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California utility expects to pay $2.5 billion for wildfires
The blazes killed 44 people, destroyed thousands of homes and businesses, and wiped out vineyards, marijuana farms and other agricultural operations.

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California cow that vied for title of tallest bovine dies
California cow that vied for title of tallest bovine dies
A giant, 1-ton Holstein steer that loved to eat bread and received international attention when it competed for the title of tallest bovine in the world has died
Send in the goats: Portugal goes low-tech to beat wildfires
Deploying goats as a way to prevent wildfires has been done for decades in the United States, especially in California and the Pacific Northwest.
Kellogg recalls Honey Smacks because of salmonella potential
Consumers are advised to throw the cereal away and contact Kellogg for a refund.
Proposed US banking fix for marijuana may not open all doors
The shortage of banking services has been a major obstacle to the industry.
Study: 2014 Napa quake may be linked to groundwater changes
New research suggests the magnitude 6.0 earthquake that rocked California wine country in August 2014 may have been caused by an expansion of Earth's crust due to seasonally receding groundwater under the Napa and Sonoma valleys
Power tool used to clear brush blamed for LA hillside fire
The homes surrounding Benedict Canyon include numerous multimillion-dollar mansions overlooking Beverly Hills and West Los Angeles.
Initiative to split up California projected to make ballot
An initiative that seeks to split California into three states is projected to qualify for the state's November ballot
Mayors of 6 US cities where marijuana is legal form group
Mayors from six U.S. cities where marijuana is legal have formed a coalition to advocate for reform of American cannabis laws and prepare other states and the federal government for marijuana legalization
Klamath water users argue tribes’ lawsuit filed in wrong court
Klamath water users argue tribes’ lawsuit filed in wrong court
The Klamath Water Users Association, Sunnyside Irrigation District and California farmer Ben DuVal are seeking to have the Klamath Tribes’ lawsuit dismissed from a federal court in San Francisco, arguing it should be heard in a different venue.
Detention centers fill up; border detainees sent to prisons
Historically, immigrants without serious criminal records were released from custody while they pursued asylum or refugee status. The Trump administration has ended that policy.