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National wool and sheep review
Slaughter lambs were mostly lower. Slaughter ewes were steady to 5.00 lower.

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National feeder and stocker cattle report
As the week progressed, sales became mixed from 3.00 lower to 5.00 higher.
Western hay price report
Premium and good Alfalfa were steady to slightly higher in the Columbia Basin.
Eclipse traffic already heavy in central Oregon
Eclipse traffic already heavy in central Oregon
About 1 million people are expected to visit Oregon in the coming days.
Vegas lawyers confidents laws will follow pot evolution
Experienced license-holders are now looking more for clarification on individual regulations in 2017.
Deere 3Q profit up, construction equipment market improves
The agricultural equipment maker earned $1.97 per share for the period ended July 30, compared with $1.55 per share for the same period last year.
North Dakota cattle, corn groups launch drought aid efforts
Many North Dakota ranchers are selling off cattle they can’t afford to feed, while others are searching for affordable hay.
LA confirms cannabis czar to regulate legal pot industry
With recreational marijuana use just months away from being legal in California, Los Angeles has appointed a so-called cannabis czar tasked with regulating the local pot industry
1,000 animals found at illegal boarding facility
An animal welfare organization says it has rescued more than 1,000 llamas, horses, cows, goats, chickens and other animals from an illegal boarding facility in Northern Calfornia
Southeast Asia wheat buyers tour Pacific Northwest
Southeast Asia wheat buyers tour Pacific Northwest
Executives from Wilmar International toured the Pacific Northwest wheat production and transportation system Aug. 9-16. The southeast Asia region represents 40 percent of the market for Pacific Northwest wheat exports, and is growing, said Steve...
Selected Western livestock auctions
At Turlock, Calif., there was a strong test on dairy steers and heifers bringing 5-10 cents better compared to a week ago.