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Perkowski, Mateusz

FDA outlines food safety guidance for farmers

- the FDA hopes to solicit advice from the produce industry on how to make the guidance more clear and useful for growers and others.

Darigold facility faces environmental lawsuit

- A Clean Water Act lawsuit has been filed by an environmental group against the Darigold processing facility in Spokane, Wash.

Potential settlement reached in Oregon farmer’s Clean Water Act lawsuit

- A potential settlement has been reached in the federal Clean Water Act lawsuit against Oregon farmer Bill Case, though he still disagrees with some terms of the deal.

Outbreaks raise questions about Romaine lettuce

- Another disease outbreak linked to Romaine lettuce has raised questions about the crop’s upright growing structure.

Oregon farm regulators submit canola recommendations

- Multiple scenarios for regulating canola were offered to Oregon lawmakers in a new report from the Oregon Department of Agriculture.

Troubled loans increase for Farm Credit System

- Though the volume of troubled loans has increased for the Farm Credit System, the network of lenders has grown its loan portfolio and profits.

OSU to seek $30 million boost for research, Extension, forest lab


$5.3 million awarded to 7 Oregon water projects

- About $5.3 million was awarded to seven water supply projects around Oregon.

Western Innovator: Variety makes irises irresistible

- innovator

Judge denies injunction in hop dispute

- Bintani, an Australian brewery supplier, hasn’t proven an injunction is warranted in its lawsuit with Yakima Chief Hops of Yakima, Wash.

International gene-editing statement seen as response to EU

- The European Union’s decision to regulate gene-edited crops as GMOs has prompted a joint statement for science-based rules by the U.S. and 12 other countries.

USDA rejects biotech blue chrysanthemum request

- The USDA has rejected a request to import genetically engineered blue chrysanthemums into the U.S.

Raspberry growers vote against keeping checkoff

- A national checkoff aimed at promoting and researching processed red raspberries will be discontinued after growers and importers voted against funding the program.

Water buffalo meat sparks labeling concerns

- U.S. bison producers want a federal investigation of imported water buffalo meat they claim is mislabeled.

Dairy family claims feds reneged on relocation

- A lawsuit filed against the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation claims the agency has failed to help a Washington family relocate after its land was condemned.

Wild horse sterilization blocked by judge

- Animal advocate groups have convinced a federal judge to block a wild horse sterilization experiment in Eastern Oregon.

Bartels Packing auction set for Dec. 11

- A defunct Oregon beef packing company will auction off its assets on Dec. 11 after prospective buyers decide against pursuing purchase.

Tillamook transmission line opponents resist eminent domain

- Many of the dairy farmers, timber operators and other property owners along the proposed line’s path fear the project will be disruptive to ag and forestry.

Wild horse roundup completed in Southeast Oregon

- A roundup of more than 800 horses was recently completed in Southeast Oregon though animal advocates are still challenging an associated sterilization experiment.

Major Northwest hop broker accused of contract violation

- A lawsuit filed against Yakima Chief Hops claims the major Northwest hop broker is retaliating against an Australian customer for selling ownership interests to a competitor.

Reduced ‘exclusion zone’ proposed for Willamette Valley canola

- An exclusion zone of 889,000 acres is being contemplated for canola in Oregon’s Willamette Valley, down from 1.96 million acres under an earlier proposal.

National forest logging on upward track, official says

- Increased collaboration is expected to boost logging levels on Northwest national forests.

Major brewer withdraws from hop research funding

- The withdrawal of a major brewer from funding public hop research has prompted farmers to consider new revenue sources.

Idaho potato, grain, dairy farm files for bankruptcy protection

- potato

Judge denies injunction against 500-acre logging project

- Environmentalists have failed to win an injunction against a 500-acre logging project in Oregon’s Umpqua National Forest.

Chinese cutbacks cause nitrogen price surge

- Nitrogen fertilizer prices have surged since last year largely due to urea production cutbacks in China.

Report: Precision ag faces multiple threats

- A new national security report details the potential vulnerabilities to increasingly common precision agriculture tools.

State slaps Lost Valley Farm with $187,000 fine

- Even if the controversial Lost Valley Farm cleans up its wastewater problems under a new operator, the Oregon Department of Agriculture will proceed with a permit revocation.

Judge approves auction of Oregon beef packer assets

- Bartels Packing, a defunct Oregon beef slaughter and processing company, has won approval from a judge to auction off its assets.

Clover growers face herbicide impasse

- Oregon clover farmers are examining alternative ways to access Python herbicide after its manufacturer decided against seeking federal registration for the crop.

Lost Valley permit revocation unaffected by operator change

- Even if the controversial Lost Valley Farm cleans up its wastewater problems under a new operator, the Oregon Department of Agriculture will proceed with a permit revocation.

Tom Wimmer, Oregon Dairy Women honored by Oregon Aglink

- Wimmer will receive Oregon Aglink’s 2018 Agriculturist of the Year award, and the Oregon Dairy Women will receive its 2018 Ag Connection award at the annual Denim and Diamonds dinner and fundraiser on Nov. 16 at the...

Radish seed litigation re-activated

- A lawsuit filed by Oregon growers over alleged lost radish seed value has been reactivated, but the defendant bank wants the case dropped.

Competing sites vie for Willamette intermodal facility

- Proponents of locating an Oregon intermodal yard in Brooks and Millersburg both claim their preferred site has major advantages.

Settlement allows beehive solar project to go forward

- A settlement deal will allow a controversial 73-acre solar project and apiary to move forward in Oregon’s Clackamas County.

Lost Valley wastewater problems persist

- The Boardman, Ore., dairy has repeatedly run into trouble with the Oregon Department of Agriculture since it began operating last year.

Judge: Tillamook pollution lawsuit isn’t ‘time-barred’

- Because Oregon’s Department of Environmental Quality never finalized a limit on fecal coliform bacteria in the Tillamook Bay, an oysterman’s lawsuit over alleged dairy pollution isn’t time-barred, a jud...

Hazelnut growers accept three-tiered initial prices

- The agreed upon prices are well below last year’s initial level of 96.5 cents per pound.

Antitrust dispute erupts in irrigation market

- A new lawsuit accuses of several major irrigation manufacturers of retaliation against the Jain micro-irrigation company for a deal with two California dealers.

Uninhabitable ‘critical habitat’ debated before Supreme Court

- An endangered frog has raised the issue of whether an area that ininhabitable for a species can nonetheless be considered its “critical habitat” before the U.S. Supreme Court.