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Perkowski, Mateusz

$6 million gift bolsters Linfield wine education

- An Oregon winery has donated $6 million to bolster Linfield College’s interdisciplinary approach to wine studies.

Water trough levels implicated in cattle E. coli study

- Lower levels of water in cattle troughs were associated with higher prevalence of harmful E.coli bacteria, contrary to researcher expectations.

Oregon county approves scaled-back rural housing zone

- Oregon’s Douglas County will make 22,500 acres of farm and forest land available for rural housing, down from the original proposal of 35,000 acres.

Streaked horned lark lawsuit targets Oregon farm exemptions

- Exemptions for common farming practices in Oregon’s Willamette Valley are targeted in an environmentalist lawsuit over federal protections for the threatened streaked horned lark.

Lawmakers make few tweaks to Oregon farm laws in 2018

- Oregon lawmakers clarified laws related to hemp, seed contracts and “granny flats” in 2018. Proposals to cap carbon emissions and tie depradation funding to wolf numbers died in committee.

USDA farm loans vulnerable to environmental lawsuits

- Environmental attorneys say that USDA loans to “factory farms” are a potential target for lawsuits.

USDA defends checkoff funding of state beef council

- The USDA tried to convince the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals to overturn a ruling that a state beef council can’t receive national beef checkoff dollars.

Rural brewery runs into Oregon zoning problems

- Zoning restrictions are threatening the future of a rural Oregon brewery that’s grown popular with urban tourists.

Troubled Oregon dairy faces restraining order

- The Oregon Department of Agriculture has filed a lawsuit against Lost Valley Farm, a controversial dairy, over alleged wastewater violations.

Dairy producers advised to prepare for turbulence

- Dairy producers must brace for turbulence as milk prices have fallen below production costs.

Study: Oregon landowners overwhelmingly follow forestry rules

- A study of key Oregon forestry rules found a 97 percent compliance rate among landowners.

Seed protection bill approved by Oregon Legislature

- A bill providing contract protections for all Oregon seed growers has passed the Senate after earlier being approved by the House.

EPA aims to avoid jury in Clean Water Act lawsuit

- Farmer Bill Case of Linn County, Ore., says the Corps of Engineers and the Oregon Department of State Lands told him the work was OK.

Oregon’s ‘rocking’ wine industry advised to avoid complacency

- With their wine sales growth outperforming other regions, Oregon producers should avoid resting on their laurels, experts say.

New techniques murky for organic breeders

- Manipulating plants short of genetic engineering is a murky area for organic breeders.

Hemp, wolf and carbon bills clear House Ag Committee

- The House Agriculture Committee has approved three bills dealing with hemp, wolves and carbon, but they must clear the Joint Ways and Means Committee before coming up for a floor vote.

Mercury pollution may impact Oregon farm erosion rules

- Farmers may be expected to increase erosion control efforts due to stricter mercury pollution limits in Oregon’s Willamette river basin.

CRISPR: The latest word in genetics

- CRISPR allows scientists to slice DNA into pieces and insert them into other genetic sequences to edit the genes of plants and animals.

House approves protections for all Oregon seed growers

- The Oregon House has approved a bill requiring timely payments for all seed crops.

Carbon sequestration proposed as ‘cap-and-trade’ alternative

- Oregon regulators would study sequestering carbon in forests under a proposed bill.

Oregon reservoir water transfer bill shelved

- A bill allowing water transfers among Oregon storage reservoirs has died for now while lawmakers discuss the issue.

New Coastal store opens in Marysville, Wash.

- Coastal Farm and Ranch has opened its 17th store in Marysville, Wash.

Oregon upgrades marbled murrelet to ‘endangered’

- The change to endangered status will likely result in stricter logging limits on state forestland.

Wolf compensation bill clears initial hurdle

- A bill that would increase compensation for livestock losses based on Oregon’s wolf population has survived an initial legislative deadline.

Proposed Washington County rural reserve change dies quickly

- A key lawmaker has killed off a proposal to eventually allow urbanization of 1,700 acres in Oregon’s Washington County that are currently in a rural reserve.

Major Oregon dairy slapped with $10,000 penalty

- Lost Valley Farm, a major new dairy in Boardman, Ore., was recently fined $10,000 for unauthorized wastewater discharges and faces two pending lawsuits over unpaid debts.

Animal rights advocates square off over horse birth control

- The Humane Society of the U.S. will be allowed to defend treating wild horses with birth control while another animal rights group, Friends of Animals, pursues a lawsuit against the practice.

Error reignites Oregon rural dwelling debate

- An error in a 2017 land use bill would allow more “accessory dwelling units” on Oregon farmland, but lawmakers are being urged to correct the mistake this year.

Ruling halts ‘Other White Meat’ pork payments

- A federal judge has ruled that pork checkoff dollars should not be used to pay $3 million a year for the obsolete “Other White Meat” promotional campaign.

Oregon ranch loses Rogue River lawsuit

- A lawsuit over the suitability of 63 miles of Oregon’s Rogue River for “wild and scenic” protection has been thrown out by a federal judge.

Environmentalists argue Oregon wolf delisting unlawful

- The Oregon Court of Appeals will decide whether state lawmakers improperly ratified the removal of wolves from the Oregon list of endangered species.

Oregon’s 2018 bill limits narrow farm-related legislation

- The number of farm-related bills will be limited during Oregon’s 2018 legislative session, but lawmakers are nonetheless expected to tackle land use restrictions, seed payments, water transfers and other issues.

Legal opinion: Gene editing exempt from Europe’s GMO rules

- An advisory ruling has found the European Union should exempt gene-edited crops from strict GMO regulations, which may influence global attitudes toward gene editing.

Multiple factors cause log price surge

- Log prices along the West Coast have surged due to natural disasters, housing construction, Asian competition and labor constraints.

Farmers advised to be vigilant against sexual harassment

- Farmers were advised to be proactive in implementing sexual harassment policies during the Dunn Carney law firm’s annual Ag Summit in Salem, Ore.

Oregon marijuana racketeering lawsuit settled

- A lawsuit over alleged rackeetering by marijuana growers has been settled, but a similar complaint was recently filed elsewhere in Oregon.

Supreme Court to review uninhabitable ‘critical habitat’ for species

- Can areas that are uninhabitable by an endangered species still be declared its “critical habitat” under the Endangered Species Act? The U.S. Supreme Court has agreed to decide this question.

Oregon judge refuses to dismiss $1 billion timber class action

- A lawsuit seeking $1 billion from Oregon for insufficiently harvesting timber from state forestlands will be allowed to proceed.

Economic study: Wine appellations boost prices

- Obtaining an official wine appellation from the U.S. government can boost prices up to $14 per bottle, according to an economic study that focused on Oregon’s Willamette Valley.

Hazelnut health perceptions improve

- Hazelnuts are in a prime market position as consumers increasingly consider the crop healthy.

New hazelnut variety named for industry official

- Oregon State University is preparing to release a new hazelnut variety named PollyO in recognition of longtime industry official Polly Owen.

Verne Gingerich wins Nut Grower of the Year

- Verne Gingerich of Canby, Ore., has received the prestigious Nut Grower of the Year award.

New business lines needed to subsidize Portland container shipping

- A new report has concluded the Port of Portland’s Terminal 6 container facility needs to diversify its function to survive.