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Perkowski, Mateusz

Oregon ranchers petition for Supreme Court review

- The U.S. Supreme Court is being asked to review a dispute between Oregon ranchers and the Bureau of Land Management.

Ruling reinstates 23,000 acres as wild horse territory

- Over the objections of local ranchers, a federal appeals court has reinstated 23,000 acres of wild horse territory in California.

Oregon initial hazelnut price drops below $1 per pound

- At 96.5 cents per pound, the initial price for Oregon hazelnuts is 18 percent lower than last year.

Potential pot producers seek dismissal of neighbors’ lawsuit

- cannabis

Supreme Court declines to review GMO cooking oil lawsuit

- A lawsuit over GMO cooking oil won’t be reviewed by the U.S. Supreme Court.

Oregon county’s aerial spray ban gets day in court

- aerial spray

Judge: Grazing not to blame for bull trout decline

- Declining populations of threatened bull trout along two rivers in Oregon’s Malheur National Forest were not caused by grazing authorizations, a federal judge has ruled.

Organic farm wins $26,500 for dairy cow trespass

- An organic farm in Oregon has won $26,500 from a neighboring dairy farm whose cows escaped to damage crops.

Judge denies compensation for 2001 Klamath water shutoff

- A judge has denied compensation to Klamath Basin irrigators who lost water due to a fish-related shutoff in 2001.

Uneven impacts seen in Oregon spotted frog settlement

- Oregon spotted frog habitat is improving in some areas and seasons while degrading in others under a legal settlement in the Deschutes Basin.

Court reverses expanded insecticide label in California

- Expanded uses of dinotefuran, a neonicotinoid insectide, were approved by California in 2014 but recently reversed by a state appeals court.

Irrigators appeal well interference ruling

- A ruling that held Oregon water regulators properly shut down wells in the Klamath Basin is being challenged before the Oregon Court of Appeals.

Upcoming canola study frames talks on crop’s future

- A three-year study on canola’s compatibility with other crops in Oregon’s Willamette will guide negotiations over future regulatory or legislative limits.

Judge refuses to dismiss oysterman’s lawsuit against state over dairy pollution

- oyster

Changes planned for Oregon ag water quality oversight

- Regulators are implementing a new approach to ensure Oregon farmers comply with agricultural water quality standards.

Oregon farmer faces penalty for planting project

- Oregon regulators allege a farmer violated fill-removal law by placing materials next to a stream for tree planting.

Oregon Court of Appeals affirms ruling overturning GMO ban

- A ruling that invalidated a GMO ban in Oregon’s Josephine County has been affirmed on appeal.

Oregon hazelnut growers face small crop, lower prices

- Differing opinions on hazelnut market conditions foreshadow turbulence as Oregon growers begin harvesting the 2017 crop.

ODA: ‘Right to farm’ law protects hemp growers

- Oregon counties don’t have authority to regulate hemp production because it’s considered a crop under land use laws.

Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument’s future remains cloudy

- A leaked Trump administration report doesn’t contain many specifics regarding changes to Oregon’s Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument.

Canned wine aimed at active drinkers

- Selling wine in cans rather than traditional bottles is gaining in popularity.

Outreach planned for Upper Deschutes Basin study

- A study of the Upper Deschutes Basin in Oregon is examining several options for increasing water storage.

Lawsuit opposes wild horse birth control

- A lawsuit seeks to halt birth control treatments for wild horses in the West until the effects are better understood.

Critics encouraged by ‘ag gag’ developments

- Recent legal developments in Utah and Wyoming have heartened opponents of ag gag laws, such as the statute that’s being challenged in Idaho.

Study: Puberty delayed in penned heifers

- Cows kept on pasture tend to reach puberty earlier than heifers kept in pens over winter, according to a study from Oregon State University.

Oregon agricultural attorney John Albert dies at 66

- John Albert, an attorney who represented farmers in financial disputes with bankrupt customers, died suddenly on Aug. 27.

Bank seeks dismissal of radish seed lawsuit

- A federal judge heard oral arguments Sept. 7 in a lawsuit over radish seed filed by farmers against a bank.

Judge: Oregon regulators properly shut down Klamath wells

- Substantial evidence supports the decision by Oregon water regulators to shut down several wells in the Klamath basin, according to a judge.

Gene-edited camelina cleared by USDA

- camelina

Hop broker bankruptcy may signal industry turbulence

- A hop merchant in Washington has filed for bankruptcy, which may be a symptom of broader imbalances in the hop industry.

Aquaponic problems spark lawsuit

- An Idaho farm claims the improper installation of an aquaponic greenhouse required costly modifications.

Idaho farm seeks $280,000 for seed peas

- A dispute over seed peas has resulted in a lawsuit by an Idaho farm against Syngenta Seeds.

Western Innovator: A passion for exotic plants

- Nurseryman Jim Gilbert specializes in growing and selling rare cultivars of nursery stock that yield edible fruit.

Oregon ruling expands farmer cellphone use while driving, but not for long

- An appeals court ruling expands Oregon farmers’ ability to use cellphones while driving, but they won’t be able to do so for much longer.