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Perkowski, Mateusz

Christmas tree growers narrowly approve checkoff

- Though the Christmas tree checkoff was approved by a narrow margin of farmers, the USDA plans to hold another referendum next year.

Agricultural water scrutiny increases in Oregon

- Agricultural water quality is coming under increased scrutiny among regulators and environmentalists in Oregon, worrying farm advocates.

Is the Willamette Valley’s proposed intermodal facility on the right track?

- transport

Two positions opening on Oregon Board of Agriculture

- The Oregon Board of Agriculture has two positions opening up that must be filled by farmers and ranchers.

Forest Service defends its no-permit requirement for hunting derby

- An attorney for the government argued that a permit for a predator hunting derby wasn’t necessary because the hunters aren’t limited to any particular part of the national forest and can hunt outside it.

Trump administration defends Cascade-Siskiyou expansion

- An Obama-era expansion of Oregon’s Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument is being defended as legal by the Trump administration.

Dwight, Steven Hammond given full pardon by Trump

- The ranchers were convicted in 2012 of intentionally and maliciously setting fires on public lands.

Court upholds farmer’s conviction for ‘baiting’ ducks

- A federal appeals court has upheld the conviction of an Idaho farmer who was found guilty of illegally baiting ducks by leaving unharvested corn in a field.

Solar rules raise potential for controversy

- Potential new regulations for solar projects in Oregon are expected to raise concerns about local control and fairness to landowners.

Environmentalists hope to revive 15-year-old grazing lawsuit

- A decision favorable to ranchers in a 15-year-old lawsuit over grazing effects on bull trout is being challenged before the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

Organic chicken purchase raises antitrust concerns

- An organic industry watchdog is calling for an antitrust investigation of Tyson Foods’ purchase of Tecumseh Poultry, which owns the organic brand Smart Chicken.

Workshop examines aerial spraying

- Aerial herbicide spraying was discussed during a recent workshop attended by elected officials and other participants.

Defunct Oregon beef packer seeks to pay out $600,000

- Bartels Packing, a defunct Oregon meat company, wants to pay out more than $600,000 in trust claims to livestock suppliers.

Oregon energy regulators to consider new solar rules

- New regulations may be considered for multiple solar projects in Oregon that “functionally aggregate” to operate as one facility.

Research identifies mastitis-prone cows

- Metabolites in the blood can identify cows that begin milk production early and are prone to mastitis, according to an Oregon State University researcher.

Scenic designation for Nehalem River raises concerns

- Restrictions associated with a potential “scenic” designation for 17.5 miles of the Nehalem river could impact forestry and agriculture.

Contempt sought for ex-employee in trade secrets dispute

- Omnigen Research, which produces livestock nutrition additives, wants a former employee cited for contempt of court in a trade secrets lawsuit.

Oregon blueberry breeder expands internationally

- Fall Creek Farm & Nursery, an Oregon blueberry breeding company, is continuing its international expansion with the acquisition of Driesvenplant in the Netherlands.

Tillamook subsidiary files lawsuit against troubled Oregon dairy

- A lawsuit filed by a subsidiary of the Tillamook dairy cooperative seeks to terminate its milk-buying contract with Lost Valley Farm, a troubled Oregon dairy farm.

Hazelnut growers find common ground with Chinese diplomat

- Oregon hazelnut growers hope a recent meeting with a top Chinese diplomat will create goodwill in trade negotiations.

Cannabis testing reveals biopesticide contamination

- Contamination of six biopesticides was revealed in the past year by Oregon farm regulators due to cannabis testing.

Appeals court rules firebreak lawful

- A 20-mile-long firebreak in Washington did not violate federal environmental law, the 9th Circuit has ruled.

Beehive solar project draws opposition

- A solar project featuring honeybees in Oregon’s Clackamas County is being appealed by farmland conservationists.

ODA weighs seeking $10 million budget increase

- The money would pay for 19 full-time equivalent positions in ODA’s natural resources, food safety and market access policy areas, as well as its administration.

Flour mill files ‘gluten-free’ lawsuit

- Bob’s Red Mill has filed a lawsuit to continue using a “gluten-free” logo without paying for certification.

Appeal request denied in $1 billion Oregon timber lawsuit

- A lawsuit over Oregon’s timber practices doesn’t have to undergo an “interlocutory appeal” before heading to trial.

Western Innovator: No slope too steep for this rig

- Siegmund Excavation & Construction has returned to its logging roots with tethered harvest machinery that allows operators to work safely on steep slopes.

Controversial Oregon dairy retains bankruptcy protections

- A judge has decided against lifting bankruptcy protections for Lost Valley Farm of Boardman, Ore., which means the controversial dairy won’t be forced to liquidate its cattle.

Ruling provides new rationale for blocking Oregon solar project

- The Oregon Court of Appeals has disagreed with an earlier land use decision but has nonetheless reversed Jackson County’s approval of an 80-acre solar project on farmland.

Judge dismisses lawsuit over synthetic organic inputs

- The USDA didn’t violate administrative law by changing the procedure for evaluating synthetic substances in organic farming, according to a federal judge.

Clemency decision may be imminent for imprisoned Oregon ranchers

- A clemency decision may be imminent for Dwight and Steven Hammond, two Oregon ranchers convicted of arson.

Oregon wetland inventory raises regulatory concerns

- A statewide inventory of Oregon’s wetlands has come under scrutiny for regulatory impacts to farmers and other landowners.

Oregon farm seeks $2.5 million for wrong strawberries

- A lawsuit filed by Townsend Farms of Fairview, Ore., claims a California nursery caused $2.5 million in damages by delivering the wrong cultivar of strawberry plants.

Oregon lawmakers mull preventing ‘too big to fail’ livestock operations

- Regulatory problems at Lost Valley Farm, a controversial Oregon dairy, prompted a recent legislative hearing about the situation.

Ruling: Marijuana potential doesn’t prevent rezone

- The potential for marijuana cultivation doesn’t render a property with poor soils suitable for agriculture, according to Oregon’s Land Use Board of Appeals.