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NOAA sees warm months ahead for Northwest

- La Nina leaving, El Nino may be coming

High court grills Washington lawyers on tribal treaty rights

- Supreme Court tries to pin down what consittutes "substantial degradation" of fish runs

Retired rancher recalls clash with imported elk

- Retired California rancher recalls own high-profile battle against elk

Washington farmers get sympathy over elk problem

- Washington Fish and Wildlife commissoners sympathize with frustrated Skagit County farmers over elk damage

Compensation to ranchers small part of Washington’s wolf budget

- Washington spent $1.2 million on wolves in 2017. The portion that went to compensate ranchers for losses was $3,700

Goats to be topic of 2-day WSU workshop

- WSU puts on two-day workshop on goats

Washington butterfly up for ESA protection

- U.S. Fish and Wildlife proposes to list Western Washington butterfly as endangered

Washington: If our culverts break treaties, what about federal dams?

- Washington stresses risks to dams in court brief

Washington oyster growers criticize Ecology’s ‘politics’

- Washington Ecology denies permit to spray for burrowing shrimp

Simplot to pave road at Wallula feedlot to settle dust complaint

- Simplot Feeds settles with Washington Department of Ecology

USDA orders volume controls on cranberries

- USDA orders cranberries diverted from market to raise prices.

Ex-governor: State’s appeal of culvert order incites ‘social unrest’

- Former Washington governor and senator Dan Evans sides with tribes on Supreme Court culvert case

Wolves move, but don’t follow Washington’s plan

- Washington wolves aren't moving to where they need to go to meet state's goals

Washington state designates March 31 Cesar Chavez Day

- Washington honors Cesar Chavez

Washington resumes its hemp program

- Washington resumes processing applications to grow and process hemp

Growers request an end to Washington Strawberry Commission

- Three large strawberry growers peition to disband Washington commission

Kennedy recuses himself from Washington treaty appeal

- Justice Kennedy recuses himself from Washington treaty case

Washington farm cleared by pesticide records, worker accounts

- State probe finds beset Washington farm careful with pesticides

Washington wolf-control plan set for second season

- Washington wolf policy fixed, for now

Ocean Spray seeks FDA approval for health claim

- Ocean Spray petitions FDA to make claim that cranberries may prevent infection

Wolves stick to northeast Washington

- Wolves are more concentrated than ever in northeast Washington

Washington Ecology starts inquiry into best farm practices

- Washington Ecology starts meetings on farm BMPs

Washington’s wolf population grows to 122

- Washington wolf count

Washington mushroom farm gets state aid to exit suburbia

- Ports gets money to help Ostrom Mushrooms move

Federal spring outlook favors S. Oregon drought deepening

- NOAA sees drought intensifying

Washington hemp industry gets lifeline

- Hemp money, not as much as WSDA wanted, in Washington budget

Boycott organizers restate unsupported claim against berry grower

- Anti-capitalist activists call for berry boycott

Washington to study moving wolves from east to west

- Washington budget includes money to study moving wolves

U.S. senators tout compromise on manure reports

- Rancher warns U.S. senators: manure about to hit the fan

Washington social justice groups carry on fight for carbon fee

- Washington lawmakers shelve carbon tax; activists pick up banner

Washington lands commissioner: We need Dreamers

- Washington lands commissioner lobbies for Dreamers

Idaho, 10 other states back Washington in culvert appeal

- Idaho and 10 other states warn about 'environmental servitude'

Pesticide bill, diluted to a study, passes Washington Legislature

- Washington House passes pesticide work group

U.S. Supreme Court sets date to hear Washington appeal on treaty rights

- U.S. Supreme Court to hear oral arguments on fishing rights case April 18

Washington vows to safeguard purity of brassica seeds

- WSDA issues warning on brassica seed cross-pollination

Washington berry farm to get hearing on fine

- Sakuma berry farm appeals fines

Carbon tax calls for refashioning rural Washington

- Washington Senate budget committee advances carbon tax

Washington budget-writers smile on hemp

- Washington lawmakers support hemp, but how much?

Washington capital gains tax plan includes costly flaw, critics say

- Washington House bill doesn't quite exempt farmers from proposed capital gains tax