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Washington Legislature passes Hirst bill

- Senate and House then pass 'very fragile' Hirst bill

Court due to enforce manure reporting rule Jan. 22

- Court expected to order manure emissions reporting Monday

House Democrats may approve outdoor water use in Hirst bill

- House Democrat concedes Hirst bill won't limit new wells to indoor use only

SW Washington berry farmer remembered as leader, mentor

- Washington berry grower Jerry Dobbins dies at 77.

Washington lawmakers hear Hirst bill favored by tribes

- Washington tribes and environmentalists find Hirst bill they like

Washington ranch hand says hazing led to shooting wolf

- Description of Washington's first 'caught-in-the-act' shooting of wolf

U.S. Supreme Court to hear Washington culvert case

- U.S. Supreme Court agrees to hear culvert case

Washington Senate committee advances Hirst bill

- Senate ag committee passes bipartisan Hirst bill

NOAA: 2017 third warmest year on record in U.S.

- 2017 third warmest in U.S., according to NOAA

La Nina peaks; NW snowpack on the line

- La Nina peaks

Inslee backs higher fuel taxes to fight climate change

- Washington Gov. Jay Inslee proposes energy tax

Democrats’ well bill seen as too stingy with water

- Hirst bill criticized as too stingy with the water

Washington Dems to take up Hirst on Day 1

- Washington Senate committee to take up Hirst on first day

Inslee vows resistance on federal marijuana policy

- Washington Gov. Jay Inslee issues call to defend recreational marijuana

Bird flu cost $1.3B in exports; broiler market hardest-hit

- USDA sums up poultry industry losses to bird flu

USDA supports forced cranberry cutbacks

- USDA proposes to order reduction in cranberry supply

Marijuana grower smells chance to gain farm status

- Marijuana farm appeals odor fine, saying it's a farm

Washington orchard loses appeal over drought money

- Washington orchard strikes out in getting funding for emergency well

Washington safety agency fines food processor $92,400

- Pasco food processor Freeze Pak fined for safety violations

EPA nixes bid to herd livestock under Clean Air Act

- EPA denies petition to regulate CAFOs under Clean Air Act

EPA lowballs manure rule’s reach, farm groups say

- Farm groups say EPA has woefully lowballed burden of pending requirement to report manure emissions

Federal forecast confirms La Nina’s chilly sway

- La Nina sticking around for winter

WDFW pens $425,000 contract extension with wolf consultant

- WDFW renews contract with wolf group facilitator

WSDA acts on goal to radio tag all cows

- WSDA starts rule-writing to advance RFID tags

Farmer, landowners fined $618,000 for drawing from Odessa aquifer

- Grant County farmer and lanowners fined for illegal irrigation

No help for hemp in Washington budget proposal

- Washington's hemp future at risk

Washington spent $15,000 to shoot wolf, much more to avoid it

- WDFW spent $15,097 to shoot wolf in Sherman pack

Senator: GOP holding firm on Hirst, budget

- Republican calls Democrats' Hirst plan 'not a good fix' and believes GOP will 'hold firm' on capital budget

Inslee to propose Washington carbon tax

- Inslee touts taxing carbon

Washington adopts pesticide safety rules

- New pesticide rules take effect Jan. 13 in Washington

La Nina will tighten chilly grip on NW

- La Nina tightens girp

Washington AG: State not overreacting to culvert order

- Washington AG says tribes and U.S. government wrong to downplay significance of culvert case

Washington Dems float rural well bill

- Washington Democrats present their latest thinking on rural wells

WDFW probing killings of 2 wolves

- Environmental groups offer in alleged wolf poachings

Pending manure rule poses murky math problem

- It's still unclear who will need to report manure emissions

Washington dairies to put face on next generation

- Diary Farmers of Washington plans 'Dairy Grown' profiles

WDFW: No sign wolves diminishing deer, elk

- No sign wolves are driving down elk and deer herds in Washington

Washington to spray 1,300 acres for gypsy moths

- Washington to spray 1,300 acres for gypsy moths

EPA: Farms to spend $14.9 million to report manure emissions

- EPA estimates that farms will spend $14.9 million to report their animals are release gas

Cargill to pay $70,000, plus legal fees, to Washington environmentalists

- Cargill to pay $70,000 to settle suit

Hemp on hiatus as WSDA asks for money

- WSDA suspends issuing hemp licenses because of budget shortfall

Cargill settles Puget Sound pollution suit

- Cargill reaches settlement with two environmental groups

Farmers voluntarily add water to fish stream

- Centerpiece on what Washington farmers are doing for fish

Feds, tribes say farm groups overreacting to culvert case

- U.S. Justice Department and tribes argue against Supreme Court hearing Washington culverts case

Environmentalists claim EPA foiling manure air reports

- D.C. court delays manure reporting requirement

Western Innovator: Organic manager a natural fit

- WSDA organic program director Brenda Book

WSDA favors tagging every cow with radio ID

- WSDA plans rule changes to better track cows