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Groups argue over chlorpyrifos ban

- Earthjustice asks court to ignore farm groups on pesticide ban

Ocean temperatures rise, boosting odds of El Nino ahead

- El Nino taking hold in Pacific

Washington court upholds fine against anti-GMO group

- Food Democracy Action! fine upheld. This is the corrected version of a story that was originally posted Oct. 3.

As dispute lingers, Washington to again survey farm pay

- Farm labor contractor rails against Washington wage survey

Washington lands commissioner rolls out $55 million fire plan

- Washington lands commissioner proposes $55 million package to battle wildfires

Fees proposed for Washington farmers who hire foreign workers

- Washington Employment Security Department proposes fee, enforcing H-2A rules

Washington Strawberry Commission exits on sour audit

- Not enough records to tell whether Washington Strawberry Commission spent funds appropriately

U.S. farm groups defend besieged pesticide

- Farm groups urge court to reconsider ban on chlorpyrifos

Washington wolfpack attacks again in Kettle River Range

- OPT wolves kill calf, probably injure another

WSDA seeks $12 million to counter trade barriers

- WSDA asks for $12 million over four years to boost trade

Washington cattle industry in searing debate over brand program

- WSDA brand program may be terminated

Washington court upholds fine against anti-GMO group

- Food Democracy Now fine upheld

WSU scientist: Denied pesticide, oyster growers face disaster

- Washington Ecology denies permit to spray for burrowing shrimp

Washington wildlife managers shoot another wolf

- Washington shoots female wolf

Cranberry surplus still high with harvest underway

- Prices remain low as farmers slowly dig out of cranberry surplus

Washington eyes hiking hemp farming fee by 2,400 percent

- WSDA proposes 2,400 percent increase in license fee to grow hemp

EPA challenges ban on chlorpyrifos

- EPA appeals ban on chlorpyrifos

USDA specialty crop grants awarded in Washington

- Washington announces specialty grant winners

Wolves attack five more calves in northeast Washington

- Depredations continue in Old Profanity territory

WDFW shoots one wolf in NE Washington

- Washington shoots juvenile wolf in Old Profanity Peak pack territory

USDA serves up second round of cranberry cuts

- USDA orders second round of volume controls on cranberries

Washington judge lets Fish and Wildlife target wolfpack

- Judge lets Washington cull pack in Old Profanity Peak territory

Volunteers harvest corn for Puget Sound food banks

- Volunteers harvest corn for Puget Sound food banks

Wildlife managers plan to cull NE Washington wolfpack

- Fish and Wildlife to shoot wolves in Old Profanity Peak territory

Cattle losses climb as Washington wolfpack attacks

- Wolves taking toll on cattle in old Profanity Peak area

Organic Farm School taking applications for 2019 class

- Learn to be an organic farmeron Whidbey Island, Wash.

Forest Service releases plan for Colville National Forest

- Forest Service releases Colville National Forest plan

Five calves attacked by new Washington wolfpack

- Five wolf attacks in three days in old Profanity Peak pack territor

Wolves attack more calves in northeast Washington

- Spate of attacks by wolves in Washington

Oregon’s ‘extreme drought’ triples in size

- Drought intensifies in Oregon and Washington

Washington AG to press for $18 million fine against foodmakers

- Washington AG to fight for $18 million fine against foodmakers

WDFW takes steps to shoo elk, but no success reported

- Washington Fish and Wildlife reports on what it's doing to get elk off Skagit farmland

Washington court rejects record $18 million fine against foodmakers

- Court overturns $18 million fine against grocery association

WDFW shoots Togo wolfpack male

- Washington shoots Togo pack wolf

Judge lets Washington target wolf that attacked cattle

- Longer story on order allowing Togo wolf shot

Washington judge allows killing of Togo pack wolf

- Washington can shoot wolf. judge rules

Washington court upholds state’s way to measure PCBs

- Washington Supreme Court favors Ecology on PCB testing

Two conservation district supervisors face possible ouster

- Two Thurston County conservation district supervisors face hearing on ouster

Togo pack’s male wolf alive but injured

- Wounded Togo pack wolf seen

U.S. cranberries still face Mexican tariffs

- USDA forecasts larger cranberry crop in 2018

Elk raid Skagit farm, eat nearly 100,000 pounds of blueberries

- Skagit County blueberry farm loses portion of crop to elk

Rancher says wolves driving him off range

- Rancher Ron Eslick cutting back herd because of wolves

Washington rancher shoots at wolf in Togo pack area

- Togo pack wolf shot at; wolf presumably survives

Up a tree: Forest Service worker describes wolf ordeal

- Forest Service employee: It was a 'screaming match' between me and the wolf.