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Ryan Dumas, Carol

Court dismisses Yantis wrongful death lawsuit

- The parties have apparently come to an agreement in the lawsuit over the death of the 62-year-old rancher who was killed by deputy sheriffs.

Dairy markets stuck in holding pattern

- Class III milk prices in 2018 could end up being the lowest in four years and aren’t expected to break out of the $14 range until the second quarter of next year.

Tight margins slow milk production

- Slowing milk production is reflective of the toll tariffs are taking on an already vulnerable dairy economy.

USDA, FDA to jointly oversee lab-grown meat

- Livestock groups are encouraged that USDA will have jurisdiction over cell harvest, production and labeling of cell-cultured products but say establishing that authority is just the first step.

NCBA: Cattle industry makes progress on environmental policy

- Cattle producers are seeing regulatory gains under the Trump administration.

Ranch groups focus on ESA reform before lame duck window closes in Congress

- Public Lands Council and National Cattlemen’s Beef Association see opportunity to improve the Endangered Species Act.

Meat boom drives U.S. exports

- Changing dynamics, particularly in Asian countries, are expanding demand for U.S. beef and pork.

Livestock groups weigh in on farm bill fate

- Beef, pork and milk producers are hoping agriculture committee leaders will push a new farm bill through in the lame duck session.

Court expands beef checkoff lawsuit

- The lawsuit alleges USDA is in violation of the First Amendment in allowing the beef checkoff to fund state beef councils.

Dairy farmers consider supply management

- The downward spiral in milk prices is fueling conversation on supply management in the U.S.

Global meat demand strong, but some headwinds continue

- Retaliatory tariffs by Mexico and China and the need for a U.S. trade agreement with Japan top the list of U.S. meat industry concerns.

Western Innovator: Putting crop monitors to work

- The company was formed in 2010 to further develop and commercialize intellectual property from the New Zealand Institute for Plant and Research Limited.

NMFP calls for increased dairy aid in wake of tariffs

- National Milk Producers Federation is calling on the Trump administration to bring trade mitigation assistance in line with $1.5 billion in losses.

CoBank: Dairy farmers face longer periods of low prices

- Smaller operators and cooperatives need to position themselves to take advantage of higher value opportunities.

Idaho dairyman honored for contributions to dairy promotion

- Tom Dorsey has demonstrated endless support for dairy promotion, serving in leadership roles and seeking to make the dairy checkoff effective locally and nationally.

Survey: Consumers think alternatives equivalent to milk

- A new survey commissioned by dairy groups shows consumer confusion on nutritional content of imitation dairy products.

Women’s conference focuses on farm cash flow

- Cash flow projections allow women in agriculture to anticipate potential shortfalls on a monthly basis.

New Zealand ag technology company expands to Twin Falls

- The company provides soil moisture monitoring, aerial imagery and predictive modeling.

Cattle producers focus on labels, safety in lab-grown meat discussion

- Accurate labeling and stringent food-safety requirements for alternative proteins are needed to allow beef to compete on equal footing.

Group supports using dairy terms in labeling alternative foods

- The Good Food Institute tells FDA limiting terms such as “milk” to traditional food products would impede food innovation.

Farm Bureau breaks down costs for new Dairy-RP insurance

- Premiums for the new insurance product will vary depending on several factors such as location, coverage levels and contract quarters.

Trade troubles, strong dollar, growing ag production worry analysts

- Trade disputes are converging with potentially record U.S. crop yields and abundant supplies of animal proteins.

Groups request flexibility for livestock haulers

- Livestock haulers are asking for more hours behind the wheel in combination with fatigue-management countermeasures.

Idaho ranks top U.S. producer of four commodities

- Idaho milk production ranked fourth in the nation, but its value claimed the top spot within the state’s agricultural production in 2017.

Powder sales drive dairy exports

- U.S. dairy exports remain positive, but retaliatory tariffs by Mexico and China are having an effect.

Dairy summit to focus on sustainability

- The summit will offer educational workshops, networking opportunities and cutting-edge technology.

Idaho cattle convention loads agenda

- The annual event is set for Nov. 12-14 in Sun Valley.

Survey rates consumer understanding of dairy alternatives

- Dairy group says survey misses mark by not addressing consumers’ comprehension of nutritional differences in dairy and nondairy products.

Call of the auctioneer’s chant

- Kade Rogge trades rodeo arena for auction ring

Beef exports set record; pork challenges continue

- U.S. pork export values in August fell 21 percent in Mexico and 32 percent in China year over year.

Court denies USDA motion to dismiss organic lawsuit

- The lawsuit, brought by the Organic Trade Association, targets USDA’s delay to implement new welfare practices for organic livestock and poultry and its subsequent withdrawal of the rule setting those standards.

U.S. agriculture applauds NAFTA replacement

- Some U.S. commodities will gain additional access to Canadian markets, and others will retain existing zero-tariff access to Canada and Mexico.

Farm Bill expiration puts 39 programs in limbo

- The lapse between farm bills does not affect funding for major, long-standing programs, such as crop insurance or the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.

New farm bill misses Sept. 30 deadline

- Conaway: Legitimate differences of opinions across almost all titles are holding up completion of the farm bill, and political will is needed to make hard choices.