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Ryan Dumas, Carol

Feedlots load up on lightweights

- Inexpensive feed and attractive calf prices are filling feedlots with lighter weight cattle.

Milk production stronger than anticipated

- Economists expect milk prices to dip as markets react to stronger-than-expected U.S. milk production.

National farm debt continues to rise

- Tough financial conditions in farm country are exacerbated by trade uncertainty, an analyst says.

Producers need to prepare for next economic cycle

- Transition management will be key to sustained success.

Rabobank: Swine fever changing trade outlook

- Spread of African swine fever in China and/or Europe increases the risk for all countries but is also likely to increase U.S. pork exports.

Trade concerns deepen with additional tariffs

- While groups representing farmers and ranchers agree China’s trade tactics need addressing, they say tariffs aren’t the answer and will cause more harm.

Japanese businessmen serious about investing in Idaho

- Some of the Japanese technology companies want to expand into agriculture and food processing.

Senators grill administration officials on tariffs, trade

- Trump administration trade officials say they understand the difficulties farmers and ranchers are facing but unfair trade practices by foreign governments must be addressed.

Zinke orders transparency in settlement agreements

- Public Land Council, NCBA say shedding light on the process of sue and settle might make it more difficult for the Interior Department to placate environmental groups.

OTA continues efforts for organic checkoff

- After a failed attempt for a mandatory checkoff program, the Organic Trade Association is redirecting its efforts into establishing a voluntary program.

Dairy export numbers hint at tariff effects

- Aside from the data, USDEC says numerous exporters have talked of lost contracts, expectations of losing contracts and adjusting prices lower to hold onto market share.

Free trade campaign moves beyond agriculture

- A diverse coalition of industries is banding together to ensure Washington, D.C., gets the message on the real-world harm of Trump’s trade war.

Beef exports strong, pork exports slowed by tariffs

- U.S. exports of beef increased in July while the value of pork exports declined due to retaliatory duties imposed by Mexico and China.

Tariffs will cost U.S. dairy farmers $1.5B this year

- A study by Informa Economics found retaliatory tariffs by China and Mexico will reduce U.S. dairy farmer revenue by $1.5 billion in 2018 and $3 billion in 2019 if they remain in place.

Coalition urges de-escalation of tariff war with China

- Groups such as Farmers for Free Trade and Americans for Farmers and Families say that U.S. tariffs to punish China and force it to reform its trade practices are missing the mark and drawing harmful retaliation.

Western governors weigh in on farm bill

- The Western Governors Association wants to ensure that western agricultural interests are appropriately addressed in the final version of the farm bill.

Farm bill conferees tangle over SNAP

- House-passed changes to SNAP eligibility that would require able-bodied adults to work at least part time or participate in a worker-training program are proving to be the biggest hurdle in farm bill negotiations.

Conference committee members stress urgency of farm bill

- Leaders of the farm bill conference committee say legislators must compromise to provide a strong farm bill on time.

U.S. beef markets strong but could tip, analysts say

- Growing supply, a plethora of competing proteins and trade uncertainty hover over beef markets.

EPA refocuses priorities to compliance

- NCBA sees the shift from enforcement to compliance as the Trump administration’s willingness to work with industry, something not seen in previous administrations.

Higher production costs depress net farm income

- While overall cash receipts are expected to remain stable, increasing production costs are forecast to knock the wind out of net farm income in 2018.

USDA, beef industry dispute Consumer Reports article

- USDA and NCBA come out swinging at Consumer Reports, which they say knowingly printed an inaccurate article to mislead consumers about the safety of federally inspected meat and poultry.

Labor issues compounded by wage inflation

- The risk to the agriculture sector is that wages will increase to the point where it becomes more cost effective for the U.S. to import commodities rather than produce them domestically.

Interior Department reorganizing regions

- The department will consolidate its 49 regions into 12 to improve its efficiency and effectiveness.

USDA confirms atypical BSE case in Florida cow

- U.S. Meat Export Federation expects no trade disruptions as a result of the atypical case, which does not affect the official risk status of the U.S.

Tariffs will cost U.S. dairy farmers $1.5B this year

- A study by Informa Economics found retaliatory tariffs by China and Mexico will reduce U.S. dairy farmer revenue by $1.5 billion in 2018 and $3 billion in 2019 if they remain in place.

How tariff-mitigation aid would be distributed by state

- The three top soybean and hog states — Illinois, Iowa and Minnesota — account for 45 percent of estimated direct payments.

Farm groups still want trade, not aid

- Commodity groups quickly responded to USDA’s announcement of financial assistance for farmers, saying it’s not a solution to lost markets due to retaliatory tariffs and doesn’t come close to covering da...

USDA to provide $6.1 billion in farm tariff aid

- The assistance plan includes direct payments to farmers, government food purchases and a trade promotion program.

Organic lawsuit against USDA can proceed

- A U.S. district judge in San Francisco has ruled plaintiffs have legal standing to challenge USDA’s withdrawal of a rule that would apply new standards to organic livestock and poultry production.

Memphis Meats, NAMI seek regulatory clarity on lab-grown protein

- The alternative protein maker and the meat and poultry lobbying group say FDA should have oversight of pre-market safety evaluations and USDA should regulate the products once they enter the marketplace.

Two Idaho FFA chapters tapped for highest honor

- The chapters are FFA Model of Excellence finalists, two of only 10 chapters nationwide to vie for the overall national title.

July milk production up just 0.4 percent

- Fewer cows along with heat, humidity and unappetizing milk prices slowed growth in U.S. milk production.

DOT seeks public comment on trucking regulations

- The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is considering changes to its hours-of-service rules for commercial truck drivers.

USDA extends comment period on ‘Product of USA’ label petition

- Petitioners want USDA to change policy that allows foreign meat processed in the U.S. to be labeled “Product of USA.”

Farm Bureau continues fight to stop WOTUS implementation

- The American Farm Bureau and a coalition of businesses plan to appeal a South Carolina court ruling that reinstates the WOTUS rule in 26 states.

Animal agriculture urges disease preparedness in Farm Bill

- Producer of pork beef, poultry, eggs and lamb are calling on farm bill conferees to fully fund an animal-disease preparedness and response program, including a vaccine bank for foot and mouth disease.

Court reinstates suspended WOTUS rule

- A U.S. district court ruling has resurrected a contentious 2015 rule that would give the federal government broad regulatory control over virtually any waters and associated land.

Industry invests in future dairy foods researchers

- Idaho’ dairy industry is taking an active role in recruiting and training students in dairy food technology and innovation.

BYU team wins dairy product competition

- Idaho milk processors hold the contest to hopefully bring new products to market and to foster relationships with upcoming food scientists.

Dairy industry faces marketing challenges

- Dairy leaders urge industry players to get involved in building consumer trust and fighting baseless absence-claims and the use of dairy terminology on non-dairy products.

Dairy farmers seek solution to ‘desperate times’

- One proposal, by the California Dairy Campaign, would allow U.S. dairy farmers to profitably grow with the flow of demand and not at a rate that creates oversupply.

USDA to spend $50 million on milk for food aid

- The $50 million in USDA milk purchases will help people through food assistance programs and provide support for dairy markets.

Sisters nurture legacy at family orchard

- The first fruit trees were planted in 1906 by the current owners’ great grandfather, who came to the area from Pennsylvania.

Idaho dairy research center gains traction

- The University of Idaho is in negotiations to purchase property for building a world-class dairy research farm in south-central Idaho.

M.V. Stampede kicks off with flare on Aug. 30

- Rodeo fans will enjoy an improved Magic Valley Stampede this year, with more stock saddle bronc and bull riders and an action-packed pre-show.

USDA rolls out new dairy insurance plan

- Sign-up for the revenue protection plan, which will function similarly to crop insurance policies, opens Oct. 9.

DEQ to offer free nitrate screening at Cassia County Fair

- The free screening and sample test kits will be available during the Cassia County Fair on Aug. 16 and 17.

USCA cattle forum to explore opportunities, challenges

- The forum will feature panel discussions and speakers addressing global trade, alternative proteins and the state of the industry.

Honeybee colonies stable despite steep losses

- Beekeepers have suffered elevated colony losses since 2006 but have kept numbers relatively stable, primarily by splitting colonies.