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Ryan Dumas, Carol

Panel discusses hurdles to passing new farm bill

- Farm bill debates will be influenced by funding, nutrition assistance, current events and partisan politics.

Organic group responds in lawsuit against USDA

- A USDA motion to dismiss a lawsuit over its delays in implementing new organic livestock and poultry standards hinges on a lack of evidence of injury and failure to state a claim on which relief can be granted.

Senate bill would exempt agriculture from Superfund reporting

- The bill would restore a 10-year-old EPA exemption for agriculture on reporting animal waste emissions that was vacated by a federal court last year.

California federal milk marketing order delayed but on track

- Although delayed, a California federal milk marketing order could be implemented by November.

Soil-health pioneer shares five basic tenets of healthy soil

- Any farmers can regenerate the soil if they adhere to five basic principles, which include leaving the ground undisturbed and planting cover crops.

Analysts see growth potential in beef herd

- The latest cattle inventory report shows a 2 percent growth in beef cows year over year and a large amount of beef replacement heifers, despite a year-over-year decrease.

Cattlemen aim to safeguard turf against ‘fake meat’

- Producer groups are taking steps to ensure alternative protein products are clearly labeled to distinguish them from real beef to avoid consumer confusion and protect traditionally grown beef.

Federal spending bill strengthens dairy safety net

- The bill offers benefits for smaller producers through changes to the Dairy Margin Protection Program and helps larger producers by raising the cap on livestock insurance products.

U.S. beef, pork exports break records

- Japan led the way for U.S. beef exports in 2017 in both volume and value and was the high-value market for U.S. pork exports, while Mexico was the highest volume importer of U.S. pork.

USDA delays federal milk marketing order for California

- A court case involving the Securities and Exchange Commission is calling into question federal agencies’ policies for appointing administrative law judges, such as the one who is presiding over the proceedings for es...

Animal agriculture organizations mum on HSUS sex scandal

- The Center for Consumer Freedom says allegations of sexual harassment against Humane Society of the United States chief are just the latest in a series of scandalous behavior by top executives of the organization.

EPDs provide valuable tool to cattlemen

- Expected progeny differences are calculations of the genetic traits of an individual animal that will be passed on to its progeny.

Low-rate pesticides require precise measurement

- Some chemicals are really active at low rates, and applicators should be using measuring devises calibrated to the specific product and specific batch.

CDFA denies hearing on milk price increase petition

- California milk prices are running at least $4 per hundredweight below cost of production.

Pacelle resigns as CEO of Humane Society of the U.S.

- Allegations of sexual harassment cause him to leave organization.

EPA, Army put brakes on WOTUS

- Agricultural groups see the agencies’ action as a death knell on the controversial rule they contend greatly and unlawfully expanded federal authority under the Clean Water Act.

NAFTA uncertainty remains for ag

- Following the sixth round of NAFTA negotiations, farmers are going into another planting season with a great deal of uncertainty over the future of trade with Canada and Mexico, a pro-trade agricultural group says.

Research center would support agriculture, Idaho economy

- The University of Idaho is focusing on Jerome County to locate the Idaho Center for Agriculture, Food and the Environment, aimed at sustainable animal agriculture and food processing.

UI seeks outside funding for dairy research center

- Fundraising in the next few months will be crucial to realizing a world class dairy-centric research and teaching facility in southern Idaho.

Expanding trade not waiting on U.S.

- Other countries moving ahead with trade agreements is not a reaction to recent political developments in U.S. trade policy but a commitment to the benefits of free trade and years of negotiations.

Trump emphasis on trade balance challenged

- Trying to measure success in a global economy based on trade with one country misses the bigger picture.

Dykes: Dairy industry needs to be at the table

- The dairy industry needs to band together to aggressively advocate for dairy, using the industry’s economic impact as the center of discussion.

IDFA: Change key to dairy future

- Shaping the future for U.S. dairy relies on building consumer demand, thinking innovatively and opening new markets.

Bean research looks into fungicides, bio-stimulants

- Separate trials on fungicides and bio-stimulants indicate they can improve yields in dry bean production.

Research focuses on herbicide tolerance in garden beans

- University of Idaho researchers have concluded that tolerance to eight different herbicide in two garden seed bean varieties is similar, with no difference in yield.

California dairymen petition for price increases

- The proposed price increases in milk for different utilizations would raise the pool price – which is currently about $4.70 below the average cost of production -- about 35 cents per hundredweight.

CDI to close Los Banos cream cheese plant

- Declining milk volumes and the high cost of operating the 1925 facility drove CDI’s decision to close the plant and exit the cream cheese and Neufchatel business.

Ag groups line up grassroots support for trade

- Farmers are mobilizing to make their voices heard on the benefits of free trade in light of a growing anti-trade sentiment in the U.S.

Consultant gives tips for NEPA success

- To be effective, comments on a draft decision document must be clear, concise and relevant. They need to stick to facts, be science-based and targeted to specific points in the document.

IDA lays out its legislative agenda

- A new phosphorous standard for nutrient management plans tops the list of Idaho dairymen’s legislative agenda at the state level. Immigration, trade and insurance are the focus at the national level.

Researchers continue long-term study of sage grouse, grazing

- The lack of empirical data on the relationship between livestock grazing and sage grouse survival is the driving force behind a collaborative 10-year field study being led by the University of Idaho.

Phosphorus indexing offers dairies flexibility, precision

- The new standard will better address the risk of phosphorus loss to the environment and allow dairymen to focus management on high-risk sites.

Quota passage clears path for Calif. FMMO

- California dairy producers are celebrating the outcome of the referendum and getting one huge step closer to abandoning the state milk marketing order for inclusion in the federal system.

California producers approve dairy quota

- Farmers have maintained that retention of a quota program was a critical component in adopting the federal milk marketing order system.

Label debate continues after COOL

- Some dairy, cattle producers believe voluntary country of origin labels could still be a major selling point.

Global dairy surplus weighs on prices

- Surpluses of exportable dairy products have already begun to weigh down milk prices, and the global milk supply continues to increase.

NCBA takes stock of progress in 2017

- Cattlemen saw a lot of progress on rolling back regulations under the Trump administration, and work continues to rein in more restrictive requirements.

Large feedlot numbers tempered by light weights

- There will be fewer feeder cattle available in the first quarter of 2018, as feedlots have moved lighter cattle into the system earlier than usual.

Low-stress handling more effective than conventional stockmanship

- Low-stress handling follows basic principles to apply pressure properly to get animals to do what the handler wants.

NCBA mostly pleased with tax plan

- While the bill does not repeal the death tax, it lessons its punch, and it expands cash accounting and expensing provisions.

Controversial ICE contract hasn’t materialized

- The local dairy community voiced strong opposition this past summer to a potential contract between Immigration Customs Enforcement and Jerome County to lease bed space at the county jail.