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Fires prompt sage grouse hunting ban in large part of Nevada
The closure covers more than 3,500 square miles between the Idaho line and U.S. Interstate 80, about 200 miles northeast of Reno.

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State will kill members of wolf pack to protect cattle
The state of Washington will take steps to kill members of a wolf pack that have been preying on cattle in the northeast corner of the state
Glacier Park wildfires see cooler weather, stronger winds
It's a good news, bad news situation for firefighters working in Glacier National Park
Life returns to BLM land burned by 2012 Cave Canyon Fire
Life returns to BLM land burned by 2012 Cave Canyon Fire
On the evening of Aug. 5, 2012, a bolt of lightning shot from the clouds, striking the northeastern edge of the South Hills
Federal Officials Outline New Plan To Lower Wildfire Risk
New strategy would also make use of technological advances, like remote sensing, fire simulation tools and mapping technologies.
Judge ordered to reconsider whether fish should be protected
A federal appeals court says the U.S. wildlife officials did not consider all environmental factors when it decided against designating a Montana fish as a threatened or endangered species
US pledges to work more closely with states vs. wildfires
US pledges to work more closely with states vs. wildfires
The Trump administration is pledging to work more closely with state and local officials to prevent wildfires and fight those choking California and other western states
We’re Putting More Homes On Wild Lands And In The Path Of Wildfires
Wildfire risk is increasing as more people move into places where cul-de-sac meets forest or sagebrush.
State agency has made no decision on killing wolves
Washington’s policy allows killing wolves if they prey on livestock three times in a 30-day period.
Gianforte, Williams hold meetings on wilderness study areas
Republican U.S. Rep. Greg Gianforte and his Democratic challenger, Kathleen Williams, are both bringing Gianforte's proposal to release hundreds of thousands of acres of land from study for federal protection to the forefront of the campaign
Notes of support pour in for 2 who started California blaze
A blaze that destroyed nearly 1,100 homes and killed eight people started with a spark from a vehicle driving on a flat tire.