Letter: Wolf chases bike rider

Motorists rescue a bike rider from a wolf near Mount Hood.

Published on January 25, 2018 8:11AM

Much has been written lately about the wolves here in the Northwest. I would like to relate my friends’ experience with a wolf in the recent past.

While driving on Highway 26 east of Mount Hood they came upon a biker and along side of the rider was a wolf trying to attack him. The rider was kicking at the wolf to ward it off.

When my friends pulled up, the wolf backed off. My friends offered to take him and his bike in their rig, but being the wolf backed off, he said he would try to keep going.

My friends backed off then, but as soon as they were a short distance away the wolf took off after the biker again.

Our friends pulled up again. This time he didn’t hesitate, but took them up on their offer and was thankful to be rescued from a dangerous situation.

Roy H. Matson

Brush Prairie, Wash.


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