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Trump wants to cut red tape, hasten water projects in West
Officials did not discuss specific work that the administration aims to speed up for any of the projects.

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China ‘regrets’ US leaving postal union amid trade dispute
Trump has said the 144-year-old UPU puts U.S. businesses at a disadvantage.
Wet and mild: Warm winter predicted for much of the US
Forecaster says no place is expected to get a colder than normal winter.
Utah forester: Firefighting costs this year at $110 million
Utah State Forester Brian Cottam says the state's wildfire season appears to be over and that it is adding up to be Utah's most expensive ever
Wyoming agriculture lawyer joins Interior Department
A Wyoming lawyer who has represented ranchers against conservationists and the federal government has been hired by the U.S. Interior Department as a deputy solicitor
Groups request flexibility for livestock haulers
Groups request flexibility for livestock haulers
Livestock haulers are asking for more hours behind the wheel in combination with fatigue-management countermeasures.
Girdles and socket wrenches: Sears was the Amazon of its day
How the might have fallen: Sears, which was the Amazon of its day, files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy
DACA applications cost legal immigrants $316.5 million, feds say
DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) for 1.2 million people from 2015 through 2017 cost other immigrants $316.5 million during that time, says an immigration think tank, citing federal statistics.
Global warming to leave us crying in our costlier beer
The likelihood of weather conditions hurting barley production will increase from about once a decade before 2050 to once every other year by the end of the century.
Relocation of USDA agencies sparks criticism
Relocation of USDA agencies sparks criticism
The USDA’s plan to relocate and realign the Economic Research Service and National Institute of Food and Agriculture is drawing criticism from former USDA officials and ag groups.
Powder sales drive dairy exports
Powder sales drive dairy exports
U.S. dairy exports remain positive, but retaliatory tariffs by Mexico and China are having an effect.