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National wool and sheep review
Domestic wool trading on a greasy basis was very active this week. There were 363,926 pounds of confirmed trades reported.

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National feeder and stocker cattle report
The market is in need of some bullish news to sustain the current trading levels.
Western hay price report
Retail/Stable type hay remains the largest demanded hay in Oregon.
Rural Utah farmer, market owner makes exclusive cheese
Caineville farmer likes making brined feta, smooth chevre or Ramsley’s signature semi-firm tomme, a cheese typically produced in France and Switzerland.
Monsanto asks Arkansas judge to halt state’s herbicide ban
A major agribusiness company is asking an Arkansas judge to halt the state's plan to ban an herbicide that's drawn complaints from farmers across several states who say the weed killer has drifted onto their crops and caused widespread damage
Selected Western Livestock auctions
Stocker and feeder cattle 2.00-6.00 higher as local feed yards pursue numbers.
California pot rules open way for potentially larger fields
The state has been trying to determine what should be the appropriate size limit on cannabis farms, but regulations issued Thursday did not include that language.
New Mexico posing quarantine to stop pecan weevil bug
New Mexico agriculture officials are issuing a quarantine in hopes of stopping the spread of an invasive bug threatening the state's pecan industry
Idaho ag export value up 12 percent in 2017
Idaho ag export value up 12 percent in 2017
After decreasing in 2015 and 2016, the total value of Idaho agricultural exports increased 12 percent through the first nine months of this year.
AP Explains: Farm runoff and the worsening algae plague
Federal and state programs have spent billions of dollars on cost-sharing payments to farmers to help prevent nutrient runoff.
Trump EPA nominee opposed by GOP senators from N.C.
Environmentalists and Senate Democrats have vehemently opposed Dourson, a toxicologist with close ties to the chemical industry.