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National wool and sheep review
Slaughter ewes steady to 10.00 higher.

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National feeder and stocker cattle report
Anecdotes of North Plains feedyards shipping cattle to the South Plains to complete kills for this week were abuzz around the industry.
Western hay price report
Prices trended generally steady in a limited test in Oregon.
US government proposes new rules for hog slaughter
The government wants to change how most hogs slaughtered for meat in the U.S. are processed
Cattlemen not worried about growing meat alternatives
Nebraskans know where their meat comes from: the farms, ranches, feedlots and packing plants that make the state the nation's top beef producer and a growing supplier of pork and poultry
Tax law gives unexpected break to farmers who sell to co-ops
The new provision lets farmers deduct 20 percent of their gross sales to co-ops.
West Coast Cannabis Groups Band Together To Protect Interests
The three associations will share strategies for legalizing marijuana at the federal level.
Ag groups line up grassroots support for trade
Ag groups line up grassroots support for trade
Farmers are mobilizing to make their voices heard on the benefits of free trade in light of a growing anti-trade sentiment in the U.S.
Alaska, Hawaii attorney generals seek pot business banking
The proposed legislation would provide a safe harbor for banks and other institutions that work with the marijuana industry.
Hemorrhaging stanched in farm machinery market
Hemorrhaging stanched in farm machinery market
Sales have improved slightly or at least flattened out in the U.S. market for large farm machinery, which had declined by double digits in recent years.
Vandals topple Prunedale beehives, kill 200,000 bees
The Monterey County Sheriff’s Office is investigating, and authorities say no arrests have been made.