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Lawsuit: Eastern Idaho sheep grazing threatens bighorns
The lawsuit challenges the Forest Service’s authorization of the grazing allotments in the Caribou-Targhee National Forest.

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US agency withdraws rule aimed at protecting animal farmers
The U.S. Department of Agriculture has killed a rule designed to protect the legal rights of farmers who raise chickens and hogs for the nation's largest meat processors
Up in smoke: Wildfires scorch California pot crop at harvest
At least 31 marijuana farms were destroyed and many more damaged, according to the pot industry’s California Growers Association.
Southern Oregon megafire may help suppress devastating tree disease
Sudden oak death has had ecological as well as economic consequences for the timber and plant nursery industries.
Montana man seeks US Supreme Court appeal on poaching case
A Montana Crow tribe member found guilty of poaching an elk in northern Wyoming has petitioned the U.S. Supreme Court to hear his case
Idaho wary of Obama ‘leftovers’ working on sage grouse plan
The Interior Department last week opened a public comment period to amend the plan concerning the chicken-size bird.
New fires break out in California as wine country fires dim
As fire crews gain on wildfires burning for more than a week in Northern California's wine country, new fires broke out in other parts of the state, including northeast of Los Angeles
Canadian firm plans Oregon mushroom farm; 200 jobs projected

VALE, Ore. (AP) — Officials of Farmers Fresh Mushrooms were not looking to expand beyond Canada, but as the saying goes, one thing led to another, and now they are looking to start up a farm outside of Vale, projecting employment of around 200...

Project saved homes from fires, but can it be duplicated?
Project saved homes from fires, but can it be duplicated?
Thinning of forests in central Oregon, where towns and subdivisions sit in a green ocean of Ponderosa and lodgepole pines, has saved homes amid one of the most devastating wildfire seasons in the American West
California fire victims return home as crews gain ground
Fire crews battling wildfires in California's wine country are gaining ground and thousands of residents have gotten the OK to return home
After punishing drought, Montana ranchers sell calves early
Stockyards have moved 6,000 animals more than they did during the same weeks in 2016.