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Court dismisses Yantis wrongful death lawsuit
The parties have apparently come to an agreement in the lawsuit over the death of the 62-year-old...
Patagonia gives GOP tax windfall to environmental groups
Report: Climate Change Is Already Bringing Problems To Northwest — And It Will Get Worse
Oregon seeing red in its dispute with California winery


Pacific storm to bring rain, mountain snow to California
The National Weather Service said there was a risk of heavy rainfall spreading farther south down...
Steer too beefy to become burgers reprieved to life on farm
FDA outlines food safety guidance for farmers
Ag employers seek relief from large H-2A wage increases

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Dairy markets stuck in holding pattern
Class III milk prices in 2018 could end up being the lowest in four years and aren’t...
Christmas tree supplies remain tight
Washington judge’s ruling on WOTUS muddies waters
Watchdog clears Zinke in Utah monument probe


Column: The time is now for Congress to act on net neutrality
Ending the net neutrality debate will mean we can get back to a focus on solutions for connecting...
Editorial: Give thanks for the miracle of agriculture
Editorial: Last week’s election underscores urban-rural divide
House Ag Committee will be in good hands

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Saving the wild West: Greeley Ranch

ROCKVILLE, Ore. — When Mike Greeley was 12, he shot his first sage grouse on his...