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Mercury pollution may impact Oregon farm erosion rules
Farmers may be expected to increase erosion control efforts due to stricter mercury pollution...
Water use climbs in California enclaves as drought returns
New UI Extension course helps landowners manage small, rural acreage
Trespass bill backed by Idaho farm groups sent to House floor


National wool and sheep review
Slaughter lambs were steady to 15.00 higher.
West Coast grain price report
California shell egg price report
Fluid milk and cream review — West

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National feeder and stocker cattle report
Buyers are betting on the come as the drought picture in many states continues to intensify.
Western hay price report
Selected western livestock auctions
Beekeeper calls pollinator protection bill an overreaction


Column: Dear Port of Portland: Please diversify
Many wonder if the Port of Portland’s expenditure of public money to subsidize and duplicate...
Editorial: ‘We’re from the government, and we’re here to help’
Editorial: BLM bigwigs should move west
Letter: Electoral College protects small states

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R&D: Building a better piece of equipment
Companies spend years and millions of dollars developing cutting-edge equipment that farmers can...
CRISPR: The latest word in genetics
‘Food-first’ research results in new products
Discovering best alfalfa genetics for Northwest